We are open for Levels 1 – 3 Obedience classes, Nosework classes, online and in person private lessons, and online and in person consultations.

Here is our current schedule:

Level 1 Obedience: every other Wednesday at 7:30pm and every other Saturday at 8am

Levels 2 & 3 Obedience: every other Wednesday at 7:30pm and every other Saturday at 8am (opposite of Level 1 Obedience)

Nosework: every other Saturday at 7:30am, before each Levels 2 & 3 Obedience class

In Person Private Lessons: mornings and evenings Monday through Friday

Online Private Lessons: Monday through Friday

In Person Consultations: mornings and evenings Monday through Friday

Online Consultations: Monday through Friday

We are conducting all training outdoors.  Face coverings and social distancing are required.  Stay home if you have symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with individual who has tested positive, or have have tested positive yourself or have a pending test result.

We hope to resume our full services shown below as soon as possible.


We’ll meet with you and your dog to discuss current behaviors, issues, problems, and any previous training experiences and design a specific training plan to accomplish your individual goals and needs.

Group Class Program

Enrollment in our Obedience Classes includes an orientation followed by six group classes of your choice to take at your convenience.

Enrollment if our Specialty Classes includes either six group classes or an orientation followed by four group classes, depending on which class you sign up for.

After your initial enrollment, there are multiple renewal options!

Obedience Classes 

Level 1 – Basic obedience including sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, walking on a loose leash, come when called, and ‘climb’.

Level 2 – Intermediate obedience including all the exercises from Level 1 with greater difficulty, as well as sit in motion, down in motion, heeling, stand, a finish, and AKC Canine Good Citizen title exercises. Level 1 graduation is required to enter this class.

Level 3 – Grow your relationship and develop your dog’s focus through learning fun and challenging new behaviors, including off-leash heeling, retrieves, scent discrimination, and Rally exercises.  Level 2 graduation is required to enter this class.

Specialty Classes

Therapy Dog Prep – Get your dog ready to earn their Love on a Leash therapy dog certification. Level 1 graduation is required to enter this class.

Nosework 1 & 2 - This class focuses on teaching your dog how to use their nose for either fun or to compete in AKC Scent Work.  Your dog will learn to search for, recognize, and indicate on specific target odors.

Agility - For fun or preparation for competition, you and your dog will enjoy bonding through improving your handling and having fun with jumps, weaves, tunnels, and contact equipment.

Canine Performing Arts - This class combines obedience, trick training, and agility for an experience you won’t find anywhere else in Northwest Arkansas.  You’ll build your relationship with your dog by working on directional cues, targeting, and coordination in synchronization with those around you.  Also, learning the skills to achieve AKC Trick Dog titles.

Competition Class – This class is your opportunity to fine tune your competitive skills – focused heeling, retrieves, sit/stand for examine, just to name a few.

Rally - Learn new skills and challenge yourself and your dog with the obedience sport of AKC Rally.

Puppy Package

The puppy package is for dogs between 8 weeks of age and one year.  It includes two private lessons followed by six group classes.  The private lessons will cover topics specific to you and your puppy, like potty training, crate training, appropriate play, not biting, and age appropriate obedience behaviors.   The group classes will focus on basic to advanced obedience.

Private Instruction

These lessons are customized to fit you and your dog’s individual needs.  Topics can include potty training, leash walking, behavior shaping and modification, e-collar training, nosework/scentwork, agility, and/or anything else you’d like to work on.

Day Training

Day training is Monday through Friday and covers one of the following training plans:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Potty/Crate Training
  • E-collar Training

Day training requires a one week commitment.

**It’s your responsibility to read our Policies before signing up for any Dogtastic Service.**

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